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KGM | Collective


KGM | Collective is a summer clothing brand based out of the UK - inspired by travel.

We celebrate summer

Summertime - it's kind of a big deal for us. You see we believe Summer is a time for traveling, meeting new people, taking risks and creating memories & stories to tell the Grandkids one day.

Our journey began with.. well... just that - a journey. After spending a summer backpacking Europe, traveling & exploring, taking risks & partying till sunrise, we arrived back in rainy old Scotland. Now don't get me wrong, we love rainy old Scotland, but good weather was a rarity for us, and so travel became our mission - a way for us to chase the summer and great weather all year round while living life to the fullest.

We felt the need to create something that inspires others to get out there, explore, travel, live out the Carpe Diem Mantra. So we established KGM COLLECTIVE - a clothing brand inspired by some of our favorite destinations from around the globe.

Thank you all for being part of it! ✌️

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We put our customers first. Our fantastic customer support team is ready and waiting for any questions you may have, go ahead ask us something! We aim to answer all queries with in 12 hours.


we are always looking for talented designers, photographers, influencers and other creatives from all around the world to collaborate and join our small team on our upcoming collections. If your interested in collaborating, fill out the form above! ✌️

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